Where faith and business align through educating, empowering, and equipping women in business.

More than an Event – A Movement

EquipHer is a platform that empowers women to grow, succeed, and achieve in the business world while staying true to their faith. It provides valuable insights and opportunities for women to network with influential entrepreneurs and business leaders from diverse sectors. The movement is designed to encourage relationships, coaching, and mentorship among women, acknowledging that empowerment comes from a supportive community that cultivates collaboration and Christian values. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a CEO, or at any stage of your career, we welcome you to join our community of like-minded women committed to encouragement, empowerment, and growth.

The Impact of EquipHer

EquipHer is a community for women from diverse backgrounds who come together with dreams, goals, and ideas.

The Mission of EquipHer

EquipHer’s mission is centered around the steadfast dedication to encourage, empower, and equip women in the field of business. This comprehensive three-pronged approach is a guiding light, illuminating paths to achievement and fulfillment for participants navigating the complex terrain of entrepreneurship and corporate leadership.

For so many of us, the need for encouragement is paramount. EquipHer is a safe space where women can find strength and support. The platform offers inspirational guest speakers, opportunities to interact with others, and the ability to form new friendships. This enables women to persevere in adversity and develop a newfound sense of confidence and resilience. They are strengthened by the collective wisdom and encouragement of both peers and mentors.

Business & Faith: Addressing the Commonly Neglected

EquipHer acknowledges the significance of combining faith with business principles, which is often ignored in conventional corporate settings. The conference is ideal for women seeking to incorporate their spiritual beliefs into their professional lives, providing a supportive environment where faith and business intersect seamlessly. By engaging in thought-provoking discussions, spiritual reflections, and building meaningful connections, women in business are encouraged to lead with integrity, compassion, and purpose, thereby creating a culture of ethical leadership and social responsibility in the business world.


Impacting the World: A Driven Community

As women depart from EquipHer, they carry with them not only insights and skills but also a deep sense of belonging to a community of like-minded women committed to encouragement, empowerment, and growth. EquipHer women are ready to make their mark on the world and inspire generations to come.