Carrie Pasch is a Partner at the Pasch Group, the Global Representative for Italy for the YouVersion Bible App, and an active public speaker and author. Carrie has published two books: Your Story for His Glory (2019) and Thank You Cancer (2022). She is an active speaker in English and Italian at domestic and international events.

With over fifteen years of experience as an Event Planner in the Automotive Industry, Carrie has begun to use her planning and marketing skills to co-host an annual women’s conference for Christian women called EquipHer.

With an incredible heart for Italy, Carrie has become fluent in the Italian language and loves to speak and encourage God’s Kingdom through the Italian culture. Carrie and her husband, Brian, love to travel and split their time between their homes in Italy and Boca Raton, Florida.


Your Story for His Glory

This book started out as a private journal, until one day Carrie decided to share her journal entries with her husband, whom marveled at Carries writing style, and encouraged her to share her journey with others. With some coaxing the idea of publishing this book suddenly became a reality. Candid, thoughtful, and inspirational stories are recorded in this journal of her spiritual walk of faith and conversations with Jesus to inspire readers.

Thank You Cancer

In this unfiltered, raw and refreshingly, inspirational story carry invites the reader to witness how one can transform the common default mentality of “why me?” to the positive life altering perspective of “teach me” thereby not only forbidding cancer, or any life crisis to defeat, distract or discourage ones faith, hope, and joy in life, but giving one the opportunity to say thank you to their unlikely teacher.

Both books are offered in English and Italian.

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Where faith and business align through encouraging, empowering, and equipping women in business

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